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YOGA SESH Podcast offers free classes by Caitlin Rose Kenney available on iTunes and SoundCloud. Download classes and practice yoga on your own schedule. 

Enjoy dynamic Vinyasa Flow and restoring Yin Yoga classes of varying lengths so that you can practice yoga in your own home or while you're traveling. 

These audio classes (no video) are unique, nourishing and easy to follow along to. Caitlin Rose's soothing voice and articulate instructions make practicing yoga a ritual to look forward to and the best part is that you can unroll your mat anywhere you are. 

It is important to note that YOGA SESH Podcast is intended for experienced yoga practitioners. Yoga should only be practiced when your body is injury-free and if you are recovering from an injury it is essential that your doctor has cleared you for yoga, and better yet, you have seen a physical therapist who has instructed you on what is beneficial for your body at this time and what is not. Caitlin Rose Kenney and YOGA SESH Podcast are not liable for any injuries that result from practicing along with this Podcast. Take care of yourself and be smart.

The latest on Yoga Sesh Podcast

Vinyasa Flow: Connectivity

Inspired by her time spent with honeybees and the sacred geometry embedded into hive-life this live-recorded Vinyasa Flow class opens with a meditation practice that connects the right and left sides of the brain. This is a rich practice titrating between intuitive movement patterns and sequences that intelligently prepare you for the peak posture Sun Dial Pose.

Suggested props: 1-2 blocks and a strap

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