Chinese Meridian Theory Workshop: Heart & Lungs

May 26th | 2-3:30PM at LITTLE YOGA STUDIO in Boulder

Chinese Meridian Theory is a vast body of knowledge that has long been used by acupuncturists and healers to support health at every layer of our being. The energy pathways in the human form, called meridians in Chinese Medicine, can offer a lens for yoga in which we seek to support specific organs. During this 90-minute workshop we will learn about the specified organ's physical function, the map of it's meridian lines, and the emotions and mental qualities associated with the organ. Combining lecture, gentle movement, Yin Yoga, sound and visualization we will explore ways to connect with and nourish the organs. Spots are limited, register in advance to secure your place.

Join this workshop if these topics call to you: CREATIVITY » GRIEF » COURAGE » VOICE

$20 | Register now, space is limited

Memorial Day Practice: Yin & Live Harp Music

May 27th | 5:30-6:45PM at LITTLE YOGA STUDIO in Boulder

Join Caitlin Rose Kenney and talented harpist and vocalist Margot Krimmel for a one-of-a-kind yoga experience combining restorative Yin Yoga and live instrumental music. Memorial Day in the United States marks a day to honor the brave humans that have died serving this country. This practice sets aside time for us to reflect on the value of each human life and the importance of serving others. May the efforts of veterans and our continued prayers promote peace and safety for every precious human life.

The heart based, intuitive harp music of Margot Krimmel has heightened and focused the energy of yoga classes in Boulder and beyond since 2012. Krimmel has played at The Yoga Journal Conference, The Steamboat Movement Festival and numerous local studios. Her compositions, improvisations and recordings can be found at

The sounds from Margot’s harp first came to me as sensations during a yoga class. I've always enjoyed Celtic sounds, but this was the first time I'd felt an inward resonance with the instrument.  Often times in yoga, I find music pulling my mind away from my practice, separating me from my flow. Margot has a way of tuning into the energy of the room and using her strings to deepen the essence of the environment.   I found my body merging deeply into poses, allowing me to more fully align with myself, and into the oneness that simply is yoga.

$15 | Register now, space is limited

Yin & Essential Oils BOULDER

Sunday June 16 | 7:30-8:45PM at LITTLE YOGA STUDIO in Boulder

Join Caitlin Rose Kenney for a special class combining Yin Yoga and Essential Oil Aromatherapy. Bask in the meditative practice of Yin Yoga while being anointed with specially chosen essential oils. Essential oils provided by Pangea Organics.

$12 *LYS class passes NOT applicable*

Pre-register online, in person or over the phone (303) 444-4950. Advanced registration highly recommended as this class sells out. Purchases are non-refundable but your pass can be transferred to someone else if you cannot make it.

Yin & Essential Oils DENVER

Sunday June 30 | 3:45-5:00PM at BETTER BUZZ in Denver

Join Caitlin Rose Kenney for a special class combining Yin Yoga and Essential Oil Aromatherapy. Bask in the meditative practice of Yin Yoga while being anointed with specially chosen essential oils. Essential oils provided by Pangea Organics.

$18 *BB class passes and memberships NOT applicable*

Pre-registration required. This special class is capped at 20 people. Register now.


Join me for a special Vin-Yin class in Loveland, CO

ARISE Music Festival will return again to the beautiful Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado on August 2-4, 2019. ARISE is Colorado’s beloved summer music festival, anchored in the love of live music. The multi-genre music festival offers 7 stages of world class performances ranging from funk, reggae, bluegrass, jam, hip-hop, rock, electronic, folk to conscious roots music.

With a long-standing commitment to planting one tree for every ticket sold, and an unwavering leave-no-trace ethos, the ARISE Festival’s core values are grounded in a stated mission to serve a vehicle for community-building and creating a festival experience which inspires positivity, joy and active engagement in issues of social justice.


A note from Caitlin Rose about Chinese Meridian Theory:

I have reverence for the deep body of knowledge Chinese Medicine offers and utmost respect for the acupuncturists and healers that have invested years, if not decades, of their lives studying this powerful medicine. I am not an acupuncturist, nor have I gone to a formal institution to study it. My knowledge comes from both self-directed study and my yoga teacher Sarah Powers. What I offer in these yoga workshops are simplified explanations of the meridians, some points and how we can use yoga to improve the flow of chi across our body and more directly nourish targeted meridians and the respective organs. My intention is to offer a basic understanding of Chinese Meridian Theory through the lens of yoga to explore the possibility of learning about our own body-mind-spirit. I do not diagnose physical or mental health nor prescribe treatments. For anyone who is captivated by Chinese Meridian Theory like I am, I encourage you to seek experts and mentors that help you grow and learn. I hold in the highest esteem our own personal journey of self-exploration and the power of our own intuitive healing AND believe that wise, well-studied, and practicing teachers are essential catalysts and guides to our learning process. I am grateful to my formal and informal teachers who have revealed this field of study to me and will be forever in awe of the profound intelligence of nature — we have much to re-learn from the plant, animal and elemental kingdoms.

YJ Events Navasana Holding Hands.jpg
Caitlin gave us ‘permission’ to make our yoga journey our own... each of us has our own story, and there isn’t a ‘right’ way to do yoga — it’s what works for us. I left the workshop feeling empowered and confident. I noticed growth in my own practice and I can’t wait to take what I learned and apply it to my own yoga journey.
— Amanda Farmer

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