This series of yoga classes, by Caitlin Rose Kenney, will nourish your body and balance your emotions through vitalizing yoga sequences inspired by Chinese Meridian Theory.

You will learn about the map of meridians in your body and discover how physical and mental-emotional well-being are connected.

As you explore these yoga practices, you can mix and match vinyasa flow and yin sessions to target what types of healing you need to restore balance.

You will find that working with meridians in your yoga practice gives you new insights into anatomy, subtle energy, and meditation.

Find Health, Balance, and Mindfulness

  • Learn what meridians are and where they run in your body.

  • Practice yoga sequences designed to encourage health and balance by way of stimulating the meridians.

  • Cultivate a yoga practice that goes beyond physical fitness and into the realms of self-healing.

Meridians & How They Affect Your Health

Caitlin Rose has created this series of yoga classes to empower you so that you can make new discoveries in your yoga practice and collect tools to help you through all phases of life.

She will introduce Chinese Meridian Theory and how it can inform your yoga practice.

Then, she will guide you through both slow-paced yang (alignment focused vinyasa) and yin sessions.

After going through the full series of classes, you can return to the practices in any order or pairing you desire as often as you like.

Contents & Overview

You will begin by learning what a meridian is, where Chinese Medicine comes from and the historical relationship between Chinese Meridian Theory and Yoga.

Before you dive into asana practice, you will gain a full understanding of the differences between yang yoga and yin yoga and why they are equally important to your health and wellness.

For your first time doing this class series, Caitlin Rose will take you through the practices alternating alignment-focused vinyasa sessions with yin sessions and offer three different suggested paces on how to move through the complete series depending on how much time you have to dedicate to yoga each week.

You will learn how the health of your organs impacts your mental and emotional states and how to encourage vitality and longevity on all levels.

You can return to the classes and pair yang and yin sessions any time to meet your specific health needs.

This series will empower you and resource you to self-heal and restore balance from within.


When will this course be available to purchase?

Late Spring 2017. Notify me when this class series is available purchase!

What are the requirements?

Some yoga experience is recommended. Most of the class content is friendly to all levels with a few intermediate variations throughout.

What am I going to get from this course?

You will have several alignment-focused vinyasa yoga and yin yoga classes at your fingertips to encourage well-being in the body and mind and find healthy emotional flux. You will have a toolkit to remove blockages in your meridians and restore harmony to your organs in order to live healthfully in all aspects of your life.

Who is the target audience?

Any yoga practitioner with some experience who wishes to learn more about anatomy, subtle energy, and mindfulness within asana. Additionally, this class series is for anyone who is interested in self-healing and the interconnectedness between body, mind, and emotions.

What you get with this course?

A resource of 10 yoga classes (BOTH video and audio formats) that will forever be yours and accessible anywhere you and your technological devices go.


Coming soon!