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Yin Yoga & Breath Work for Relaxation

It's easy to become over-stimulated and chronically stressed your in modern day life. This practice teaches you to exhale, pause and create space. You cannot keep taking in and taking on when there's no space or bandwidth. This Yin class will recharge you and encourage you to let go with your exhale so that you can feel lighter and start fresh. Practice now.

Reclaim Your Mobility with Spinal Twists

Our spines get locked down from our daily patterns and stress. Reclaim your ability to move freely and comfortably with this Vinyasa practice focused on spinal twists. This 30 minute practice will rotate you around the mat and back with variations of twists and lunges and winds down with a hip-opener to leave you feeling healthy and relaxed. Practice now.

Yin Yoga for Energy and Clarity

When you're feeling depleted it's important to give your body and mind space to recover. The yin poses in this class work with your body's innate intelligence to recharge by working with the kidneys, gently detoxing the spinal column, and enhancing blood flow to the internal organs. Practice now.

Yin Yoga for Stress Relief

Find stress relief with nourishing yin postures sequenced to unwind tension from your whole being and return you to a state of balance. This practice grounds you with breath awareness and takes you through a sequence of yin poses that quiets your mind. The carefully chosen postures benefit your joints, help relieve low back pain, and stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system so you can let go of anxiety. Practice now. 

Midday Reset

Hit pause on the obligations of your day and step onto your mat for this short midday reset. This gentle flow will loosen up your whole body and give you a chance to feel more and think less. Practice now.