YOGA SESH offers alignment-focused Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga classes by Caitlin Rose Kenney available on iTunes and SoundCloud. Episodes include short (30-55 minutes) and long (60-75 minutes) yoga classes for experienced yogis. Each session begins with Caitlin Rose sharing her creative process designing the class and then dives into a unique sequence of asana, breath work, and stillness. Her soothing voice and articulate instructions make practicing yoga a ritual to look forward to and the best part is that you can unroll your mat anywhere you are. 

Caitlin Rose is a self-proclaimed yoga mutt who crafts one-of-a-kind yoga classes. Whether she is teaching an energetic flow or a mellow lunar class, you can expect her sequencing to be both creative and grounded in smart anatomical progressions. She is well-studied in alignment and the energy body and offers a deep bow of gratitude to her most influential teachers and mentors: Sarah Powers, Gina Caputo, Kathryn Budig, Elena Brower, Rachel Hull, Anna Smallwood, Laura Allard and Kate Mulheron. 


It is important to note that YOGA SESH Podcast is intended for experienced yoga practitioners. Yoga should only be practiced when your body is injury-free and if you are recovering from an injury it is essential that your doctor has cleared you for yoga, and better yet you have seen a physical therapist who has instructed you on what is beneficial for your body at this time and what is not. Caitlin Rose Kenney and YOGA SESH Podcast are not liable for any injuries that result from practicing along with this Podcast. Take care of yourself and be smart.

Download classes and practice yoga on your own schedule. Not sure what that yoga move was or how to align? Caitlin Rose made the Pose Index just for you. 

Sample Class

Everyday Yin Yoga Sesh (44 min)

This short (44 minutes) Yin Yoga Sesh is the perfect practice to incorporate into your daily routine or after a long day of work or travel. Yin Yoga is a slow practice of mostly seated and reclined postures that you hold for several minutes to promote joint health and long-term shifts in your physical patterning. Yin Yoga is an excellent bridge to seated meditation as it encourages you to practice stillness, awareness of mind and body, and focus on your breathing. In this practice you will begin with Quarter Dog Pose to encourage mobility in your shoulders and enhance your posture. You then move onto your back for poses that target your digestive system, spine, and hips. The poses in this sequence are truly poses you should do every day! 

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YOGA SESH is made possible by:

  • Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara Podcast - Consulting, coaching and recording
  • Erica Griffiths - Marketing Strategy
  • Kate Broussard - Photography
  • Jay Kraemer - Music Composer
  • David Bergner - Music Production